Tournament Rules

I. Tournament Schedule: Tournament dates may not be changed, except by unanimous vote of members present at the prior meeting, but location may, by 2/3 majority of members present at meeting prior to tournament. However, the tournament director may change the location or dates prior to the tournament for safety reasons.

II. Tournament Fees
1. Each contestant must pay $25 per tournament, whether it is one or two days. $5 of this money will go into the club treasury, and $5 will go to the Big Fish winner. $15 goes into the jackpot for Heaviest Stringer(s). If there are at least 10 contestants, the jackpot will include a 2nd place heavy stringer, and the jackpot will be paid out at a 60/40 ratio to the 1st and 2nd heaviest stringers.

2. Each contestant must pay the tournament fee prior to the beginning of the tournament. If he/she cannot do this, he/she must notify any club officer prior to launch time, or he will not be part of the tournament. Each contestant must also attend the weigh-in for his weight to be counted. If he/she is not weighing in, he/she must call a club officer to let him know, but the fee will still be charged.

III. Tournament Times:
Tournament will be for either one or two days, as determined in the schedule approved in the previous December meeting. Launch, weigh in times, and location will be announced by the tournament director prior to the tournament.

IV. Eligibility:
1. A contestant may concurrently fish another club tournament and his weight will count, only if he/she brings in an acceptable weigh slip signed by an officer of the other club/organization.

2. Non-boater guests are not allowed to fish a tournament (i.e., paired with a member) until all non-boater members are paired. An exception to this rule is if a club member canceled out and the non-member has already been invited to fish.

3. Finishing places in a tournament will be determined by the total weight weighed in for the tournament.

4. A member’s 9 best tournaments will count toward the top six standings.

5. Guests may compete in the jackpot, provided the tournament fee is paid prior to fishing. No guides or professional bass fishermen are allowed. Guests fishing in a tournament will be awarded points earned, provided they are voted into membership and pay their dues in full at the next regular monthly meeting.

6. A non-member may fish as a guest of a current member by paying the tournament fees and participate in the Heavy Stringer and Big Bass Pot. However, a non-member may not collect any winnings unless or until he/she has been voted in at the next club meeting.

V. No live or cut bait may be used. Pork rinds are allowed.

VI. All fish weighed in will be a minimum of 14 inches, or conform to each lakes’ rules and regulations. If a contestant attempts to weigh in a short fish, all weight for that day will be forfeited. A penalty of 1/4 pound for each dead fish will be assessed. Any dead fish will be kept or given away for consumption. All live fish will be released.

VII. Scoring:
1. Ten points for attending a meeting or official function. 2. Ten points for each tournament day fished (must attend weigh-in). 3. Heaviest weight will receive 100 points. Each runner up will receive points determined by a percentage of the winner’s weight.

VIII.  A Team Tournament shall consist of a maximum of two persons in the boat. An exception to this rule can be made for a family member, with prior approval by the Tournament Director. The extra person’s catch cannot be included in the team’s weight.

IX. The top ranking fishermen of the year will make the “Top Six Chapter Team” to represent the club as part of any top six tournament. The entry fees will be paid by the club. If the club does not fish a “Top Six” tournament, the dues remaining at the end of the year will be paid out to the top six ranking club members on a sliding scale, determined by the Treasurer.

X. Safety
(a) All contestants must have a coast guard approved life jacket worn while the boat is on plane. All boats must have an operating kill switch, which must be attached to the operator at all times when the boat is on plane.

(b) No illegal or debilitating drugs, or alcohol will be consumed by any contestant or guest immediately prior to or during the tournament. If a contestant appears to be under the influence he will not be allowed to fish the tournament. All applicable state laws must be adhered to while fishing the tournament.

(c) The Tournament Director, after consulting with other club officers, can make on the spot decisions before or during a tournament to insure safety and may cancel the tournament or make date and hour changes of the tournament for extreme weather or other conditions.

(d) Any complaints will go through the tournament director to the tournament committee who will investigate and make a recommendation to the board of directors.

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